7 of the Best Ways to Attract and Retain Top Talent

7 of the Best Ways to Attract and Retain Top Talent

The ability to attract and retain top talent is integral to the success of any company. In the following, we look at various ways of attracting top talent and maintaining employee loyalty.

1. Develop a relationship with employees.

In order to attract top candidates, an employer does not need to have the swankiest building on the block or provide a company car. Candidates are more interested in a company’s ethos than they are in its perks. Above all else, they want a company that cares about its employees. They want to know that they are more than just a number. Managers should try to get to know all of their employees and learn about their personal interests and values. In addition, they should demonstrate that they want their employees to thrive and achieve success.

2. Create a positive working environment.

Word of mouth travels far and wide. Potential job candidates are attracted to companies that strive to create a productive and supportive environment. They are looking for a workplace where employees are appreciated and acknowledged. Companies may want to consider observing employees’ work anniversaries and birthdays.


3. Promote team-building exercises.

A company where employees work in synergy is attractive to top candidates. The moment that they enter the building, they will be processing and evaluating everything that they see. A team that works harmoniously and efficiently together will not only attract new candidates. It will also encourage them to stay. Team-building activities are a great way to improve cooperation and collaboration.

4. Support local causes and charities.

The United States is one of the most generous nations in the world. By supporting local charities, companies are able to help worthy causes, bolster their reputation in the local community, improve employee morale, and attract top talent.

Giving back is a tried-and-true way of attracting top talent to your company. Not only that, but a 2010 survey suggested that 85% of customers are more likely to purchase from companies that are actively involved with their community and support local charities.

Participating in charitable activities raises staff morale and encourages team building. In addition, it can increase productivity. From hosting charity fundraisers to taking part in food drives, becoming involved in local causes is a great way to attract and retain a top-performing workforce.

5. Foster a diverse workplace culture.

Fostering a diverse and inclusive culture is key to growing your business. It is one of the fundamental ways of attracting top talent. When leaders can create conditions for diverse thinking, they can enable their businesses to thrive and gain greater reach. It will promote a better understanding of the target audience and help leaders to understand public expectations and needs, as well as how the businesses can meet them.


Promoting diversity is motivating and exciting. It enriches employees’ lives and enhances personal development. By uniting people from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, sexual orientations, religions, genders, races, and age groups, we can effectively create a workplace that is rich in unique viewpoints. Bringing these diverse individuals together will enable us to see the bigger picture.

6. Use predictive intelligence in candidate selection.

Censia uses predictive intelligence and data science to connect employers with rising talent. They identify qualities in a company’s top performers, then seek out candidates with matching credentials.

Censia leverages technology to seek out the right person for the job quickly and efficiently. For instance, artificial intelligence can be used to eliminate bias and human error. By adopting these recruitment processes, employers can potentially triple their recruitment capacity and access a long list of candidates within minutes.

Using complex algorithms, Censia assesses candidate criteria such as job titles, work history, special skills, qualifications, and educational organizations. They evaluate millions of different profiles from thousands of different data sources and objectively seek out the best candidate for the role.

7. Adopt flexible working practices.

How do you retain top-performing employees? Recognition, incentives, and adequate remuneration all go a long way, but it isn’t all about pay.

As we grow older, our lives change, as do our responsibilities and priorities. Working from 9 to 5 or longer may be a breeze when we are young, carefree, and single. However, as people grow older, their lifestyles and needs inevitably change. This becomes more evident when employees choose to start families.

Being a working parent in the United States is a delicate balancing act, and one that many families find to be extremely challenging. If employers are unable to provide flexible arrangements, then employees may find themselves in a challenging situation. Seeking alternative employment may be the only viable option.

By adopting a more flexible approach, companies will not only be able to retain their best employees, but they will also be able to improve morale in the workplace. Approximately 75% of employers who implement flexible working arrangements report a positive effect on retention. It improves productivity, widens the talent pool, and gives companies an important edge over their competitors in terms of attracting new talent.

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