9 of the World’s Most Promising Tech Startups

9 of the World’s Most Promising Tech Startups

From 3D printing solutions to data management specialists, here are nine of the most promising tech startups operating around the world today.

1. Cortexica – United Kingdom


This London-based company provides B2B Vision AI solutions to clients all over the world. Cortexica provides machine learning, computer vision, action recognition, and intelligent video analytics platforms as well as real-time video analysis and reporting solutions.

Partnering with some of the world’s biggest companies, including eBay, Nike, and United Colors of Benetton, it creates AI solutions that transform businesses. It is advancing the frontiers of video analysis, visual search, and object recognition.

2. VIPKid – China


VIPKid was created by educators to engage with and motivate young learners. Its key objective is to deliver a truly global education by connecting students and teachers all over the world.

VIPKid technology promotes personalized learning. The company continuously explores new ways to spark curiosity and engagement, inspiring young people to learn.

The company currently has over half a million paying students. Additionally, VIPKid finances 300 schools in rural areas of China, broadening the skills and opportunities of these students by providing free English lessons.

3. Formlabs – United States


Formlabs produces 3D printing technologies that are used by engineers, designers, manufacturers, and decision makers working in some of the world’s most successful companies. Based in Somerville, Massachusetts, the company also has offices in North Carolina, Germany, Hungary, China, Singapore, and Japan.

The company has also developed a suite of high-performance printing materials to push the boundaries of 3D printing. This enables clients to print prototypes, orthodontic models and retainers, and even jewelry.

4. Telegram – Russia


Telegram quickly rose to become one of the world’s most popular instant messaging apps. The app protects user confidentiality, blocking messages from interception by intelligence services.

Founded by a Russian named Pavel Durov, the app quickly attracted millions of users. It continues to receive a great deal of official scrutiny, however. This attention only increased after to light that Islamic State had been using Telegram to organize terror plots and spread propaganda.

Today, Russia and Iran are attempting to block the app, citing conflicts with national security interests. Mr. Durov is currently living in exile. In Russia, the block sparked criticism from prominent figures such as anti-corruption activist Aleksei A. Navalny.

5. Censia – United States


Censia is an intelligent talent acquisition platform. It uses AI technologies to help companies find ideal job candidates, based on their top performers.

The platform aims to eliminate human bias from the recruitment process. Censia is providing some of the world’s biggest organizations, like The World Bank and L’Oréal, quick and efficient access to, and engagement with, top talent.

6. Semalytix – Germany


Semalytix provides machine reading technology to clients in the pharmaceutical industry. Semalytix uses AI to deliver state-of-the-art solutions. The platform digests information with the intuitiveness of an expert, processing vast amounts of public and proprietary data on an industrial scale.

Semalytix software can be used to analyze patient surveys, electronic health records, medical affairs communications, and patient forums. It uses innovative natural language processing technologies to extract key insights.

It can help pharmaceuticals companies understand how their products are perceived by patients, physicians and regulators. This insight can be used by decision-makers to maximize resources, formulate strategies, and create new opportunities in the health care industry.

7. CloudWalk – China


This Guangzhou-based technology company specializes in facial recognition software. Founded in 2015 by University of Science and Technology of China graduate, Zhou Xi, the company received $379 million in investment in 2017.

CloudWalk supplies facial recognition software to some of China’s biggest organizations, including Haiton Securities and the Bank of China. CloudWalk technology is applied in a variety of different sectors, including aviation, finance, and public security.

8. Cohesity – United States


Cohesity is a data management platform designed to eliminate mass data fragmentation. Cohesity creates hyperconverged data, workloads and apps, integrating a number of processes into a single platform.

It simplifies data management, enabling users to control all secondary operations via a single interface and providing a highly intuitive IT infrastructure capable of adapting quickly to evolving business requirements. Adam Rasner, Head of IT and Operations at AutoNation, confirmed that Cohesity substantially enhanced the company’s operational capabilities after they adopted the platform.

9.   Attest – United Kingdom


Attest is based in London. The tech startup specializes in data analytics, providing a research platform that helps businesses connect with more than 100 million potential customers living in 80 countries around the world.

Attest specializes in marketing and brand intelligence solutions, promoting product development, creative testing, and consumer surveys. Attest’s extensive analytical suite provides clients with real-time data that generates valuable insights, including analysis of company performance and studies of customer behavior. This helps client companies gain an edge on market competitors.

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