What Is the Censia Talent Intelligence Platform?

What Is the Censia Talent Intelligence Platform?

In September 2019, Censia announced the release of its Talent Intelligence Platform at the SAP® App Center. We look at what Censia is and what its Talent Intelligence Platform does, as well as its revolutionary potential to help global organizations to recruit top talent.


A predictive platform that focuses on talent acquisition, Censia automates the process of finding and engaging candidates for job opportunities. Companies use Censia to help them find qualified, talented professionals.

Censia has mapped the global talent pool, building what is probably the largest and most comprehensive professional data platform in the world. With more than a half-billion people on its platform, Censia aggregates professional data and uses intuitive technologies to connect high-quality candidates with employers.

Censia has developed intuitive artificial intelligence to understand candidates’ career trajectories, cataloging not only academic qualifications, but also soft skills such as loyalty: the qualities that companies are looking for when hiring individuals. Censia also helps to identify rising talent through pattern recognition.

By using machine-learning to identify quality candidates, human bias is effectively eliminated from the recruitment process. Censia’s platform is intuitive, shifting sourcing from manual data searches to predictive matching, blending machine-learning and artificial intelligence with human ingenuity. It provides talent professionals with a tool to hire in an unbiased way, find better people faster, and promote business transformation by helping recruiters to access talented, dedicated individuals to help their companies grow.

Censia Integrates SAP Systems into Its Talent Intelligence Platform

SAP has enabled Censia to position itself for future success. By integrating SAP systems into its Talent Intelligence Platform, Censia benefits from SAP’s extensive, specialist experience, giving Censia a head start, which is particularly important for any enterprise-focused company.

Approximately 77% of global transaction revenue touches an SAP system at some stage. Today, there are nearly 200 million SAP cloud users worldwide.

SAP is a market leader in the area of enterprise application software, helping small and large businesses across all industries to grow and thrive. The company engineers solutions for real-world problems, fueling global innovation. SAP systems such as the Internet of Things, machine learning, and advanced analytics technologies not only help customers to transform their businesses into intelligent enterprises, but they also help the world to run better and improve lives.

Talent Intelligence Platform Available at the SAP® App Center

Censia stated in September that its Talent Intelligence Platform is now available for purchase at the SAP® App Center. The new recruitment platform integrates SAP® SuccessFactors® Recruiting, helping global organizations to transform the way that they identify and connect with top talent.

Joanna Riley, the co-founder and CEO of Censia, spoke at the SuccessConnect annual conference, where she announced the release of Censia’s platform at the SAP® App Center. Ms. Riley pointed out the game-changing potential of integrating SAP systems into Censia’s platform and transforming the Human Capital Management market.

Ms. Riley explained that the collaboration enables Censia to deliver intuitive talent intelligence technologies to predict the best hires for Censia’s corporate clients. The move also enables Censia to expand its global footprint, enabling businesses worldwide to access a vast talent pool and gain the capability to instantly identify and hire the best talent for every role.

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Platform Integrates the Functionality of SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting

Censia’s platform integrates the functionality of SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting, adding a new dimension of predictive capabilities, effectively accelerating the ability of HR departments to attract and retain top talent. Censia transforms the recruitment process, significantly reducing the amount of time that it takes to fill roles, freeing management to focus on strategic business objectives. As SAP SuccessFactors President Greg Tomb pointed out at the launch, Censia’s new solutions will enable SAP customers all over the world to switch from manual talent searches to predictive matching in order to deliver an optimized recruitment experience.

Lorie Bryce, Talent and Acquisition Management Leader at Gerdau Long Steel North America, explained that the company had been seeking a tool to help its Talent Acquisition Team for some time. They chose Censia for its intuitive candidate modelling, enabling the organization to access quality candidates in minutes, rather than spending hours sifting through resumes. Ms. Bryce confirmed that Censia’s Talent Intelligence Platform had been a great addition to the company’s Talent Acquisition strategy.

App Provides An Integrated Recruitment Suite

Censia’s new app provides an integrated recruitment suite, defining ideal candidate models in terms of the company’s top performers: people that they already know who have a proven track record. The Talent Intelligence Platform helps recruiters identify and engage with top talent that matches their needs quickly and easily, negating the need for manual resume reviews, spreadsheet imports, and cut and paste. When recruiters implement Censia’s AI recommendations, they see changes in the candidate pool in real time.

Censia’s platform enables recruiters to create an automated shortlist of candidates, with the program ranking candidates against model criteria in minutes. It also facilitates candidate rediscovery by enabling hiring managers to rediscover talent among individuals who may have applied for past openings at the company and who may now be the perfect fit for new roles.

Censia Talent Intelligence for SAP SuccessFactors transforms the way that companies make talent decisions. It streamlines the recruitment process by making it faster, more effective, and efficient, as well as connecting recruiters with the top talent they need to grow their businesses.

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Joanna RileyJoanna (Jo) Riley is an entrepreneur, investor, and advocate in technology, and is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of Censia. Jo has a highly experienced background in building and scaling companies, which she attributes to her deep passion for people and building technologies that allow people to be their best selves. She brings her wide knowledge of the industry to better transform the way enterprise companies hire talent. You can connect with Joanna Riley at @joannakiddriley on Twitter or on Linkedin. Read her full bio here.